CNTPD Records

Due to a merger between artists & freelancers “CNTPD [ˈsɛntɪˌpid] Records” was founded.

CNTPD Records is a music label, which will give artists the possibility to release music on all known digital music platforms such as for example Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc. Moreover, CNTPD Records will provide services in the area of music, photography and videography. This will be possible with different packages such as the package “media” or “producing”, which will be provided by us (the label). Furthermore, CNTPD Records provides the management aspect where we will manage your presence on social media.

With CNTPD Records you have the possibility to receive all required parameters (e. g. “Mixing”, “Mastering”, “Videography”) by professionals with many years of experience. So basically this means that you do not have to contact several companies for different services for one song, because we can provide you with these services.

Currently under construction:

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