"SGRO" is a house project with its focus on Deep House and Future House. Pulsing basslines, danceable beats and dreamy, singable melodies mark my songs which are recognisable by my "signature sounds" which I use throughout my productions. I work as a producer and songwriter for different genres and offer a broad variety in my SGREpertoire. On Spotify my productions, including my own and collaborations, already surpassed 470.000 streams. My own fans call themselves the "SGROmmunity" and create a connection between artist, music and fanbase, in general. Performances at the NDR, in clubs and concerts spread all around Germany have also been held.

Starting with the keyboard I have picked my first instrument and quickly expanded my knowledge about music, in general, which led to starting more and more different instruments such as the piano, the guitar and ultimately the cajon.

Always looking for an opportunity to produce music in my bedroom, I found out about the magic of producing, which gave me the possibility to transform my thoughts and imaginations into songs and, with that, tell stories about my own experiences of my life, until now.

The fact that I play these instruments actively until today, definitely helps me to create "new bangers" as commented by a user on Instagram regarding my songs.

"Something totally different; terrific (translated from German)" the NOZ describes my performances and confirms the reactions and thoughts of the listeners.

As a quarter-italian, quarter-brazilian and half-german (yes, exactly divided like that) I merge influences from different cultures/countries and implement them into my productions."Every production is a blank sheet of paper, which is filled out completely different for every production" SGRO states.

Right now, I am working on my music label called “CNTPD [ˈsɛntɪˌpid] Records”, which will give artists the possibility to release music. Moreover, CNTPD Records will provide services in the area of music, photography and videography.

For 2021 I have planned my very first EP which will be called "Hidden Messages" and will be a showcase of my different influences.